Sunday, November 27, 2011

Can I Lose Weight Fast By Not Eating?

You have tried them all, the fad lose weight fast diets, or trying to lose weight by not eating thinking that if you don't eat then you are sure to lose weight quickly.  The big question for desperate dieters is can I lose weight fast by not eating?  Do you want the real answer?  The answer that can help your long term weight loss or do you want to just to lose 10 pounds fast?

Short Term Weight Loss

Short term weight loss is possible in fact very effective depending on what kind of quick fix fad diet you choose.  There is the three day fasting liquid "Hollywood" diet that promises you to lose 10 pounds fast by going on a liquid diet and if you diligently follow the liquid diet's guidelines you can lose up to 10 lbs fast.  So in a sense you are losing weight by not eating, just drinking a vitamin packed liquid for a solid three days and while you can lose weight fast it is only for a short term and you will gain back the weight quickly.  When you follow a fasting liquid diet keep in mind you can not have coffee, smoke, drink, no soda, just water and the liquid diet contents, not very fun.

Long Term Weight Loss

  Now if you desire a long term weight loss diet plan, the short term weight loss tactics will not be ideal.  So those of you who think that if I just do the short term weight loss plan two times a month that will be my long term weight loss plan.  Thus in this ideal for long term weight loss success you acquire the answer for the question of can I lose weight fast by not eating because for six days of the month you don't eat, you sip your diet drink along with a lot of water and in return your scale reveals a lesser number which you claim victory in your weight loss goal.

Long term weight loss is about keeping off the weight not losing the weight fast indirectly with fast weight loss plans for time to time.  This will sabotage your body's natural ability to burn fat, create an imbalance with your metabolism and the end result will gaining the weight back along with a few extra pounds.

Lose Fat Not Weight

Take the obsession away from the number on the scale and focus on losing fat not weight.  What I mean by this is when you follow a regular routine of healthy foods and exercise you will lose fat, and may not see weight loss, in fact you may see a different story on the scale.  Why?

Your body is losing fat but gaining lean muscle, lean muscle that needs to be fed healthy foods and worked by exercising.  So if you go to the extreme of thinking I can lose weight fast by not eating with a lot of exercise you can do some serious damage to your body.  Not to mention your bones, circulatory system, and overall ability to fight infection.  Yes it is true by not eating to lose weight can get you very sick, so while you may lose weight fast at first, you will be too weak to enjoy the weight loss.

How Do I Pick The Right Diet To Lose Weight?

So is there the perfect diet or right diet to lose weight?  Yes and no.  Yes in the sense that in order to lose weight for the long term it takes a combination of things, for example if you chose a diet that centers around foods you don't like then your long term success may not be achievable.  So you really need to do your research as far as picking a diet plan that is healthy, suitable to your lifestyle and that you can do for a life change, not for losing 10 pounds fast.

Look I know it is tough to think about changing your eating habits and a lot of us think out of desperation to lose weight fast is to not eat, but it is not for the long term weight loss success you really want.  Think of it this way, you were not born eating bad foods, your body tells whether you listen or not that it is not happy with what you eat.

It is time to listen to you inner self again, it is time to really want long term weight loss success, and it is definitely time to stop using a scale.

To your weight loss success!   


  1. Hi Jen,
    I threw out my scales decades ago and as you point out it's got to be a whole life change for anything to work long term. Great article.

  2. Hi there!
    Yes I as well do not use a scale your clothes are the real judge of weight loss.
    Thank you!

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